My studio is located in the beautiful fingerlakes of central New YorkType your paragraph here.

My studio is located in the beautiful finger lakes of Central New York. The students are in Skaneateles, NY. They are in High School preparing for College applications.  Many have decided to study music either as a theater musician or a classical musician.  My goal is to prepare e them  to succeed in whatever they choose.i teach a classical method based on ideals of Bel Canto. 

Bel Canto students

The Studio is called Bel Canto, because our goal is to learn to sing beautifully regardless of the style.  My students are young, bright talented, and  capable of extraordinary achievements.   Their parents are supportive, selfless, and dedicated to their children. The students are attending Universities to study music and other studies .  Some aspire to be on Broadway, others are considering opera or classical music.  Whatever they choose, I know they will succeed.    Some will be appointed to sing. Once appointed, there is no  second choice.  ALL OTHER "human callings"  pale in comparison to the rewards  for singing.  Being a singer requires our best effort.   We do not sing for ourselves but for the one by  whom the appointment was made.  We do not have to be perfect, but we must strive to be worthy of our appointment.

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